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6U Outdoor Rack
Type : Pole Mount / Wall Mount
Size of Rack : 6U – 550mm W x 500 mm D / 400 mm D
Size of Canopy : 570 mm X 425 mm
Material : CRCA SHEET 0.9 mm / 1.2mm
Surface Protection :
Finish : Powder Coated – RAL 7032 / 7035
Front Door : Full Steel Door mounted with Rubber Gasket with Lock and key .
Side & Rear Panel : Welded ( Fully Closed)
19” Rails: 2 Pairs of 19” equipment mounting rails front & back adjustable.
Cable entry glands will be provided at bottom of the rack
If required : Fan exhaust shall be provided at bottom of the Rack else there
will be provision in side panels

Weather Protection: IP 55 to 65 as per requirement.
Optional/Addition accessories :
1. Cooling Fan 4” 90CFM , 230 VAC with Dust filter
2. PDU : 6 Socket x 5 Amp with Indicator rocker switch and main lead
3. Cable Manager – 19” 1U with PVC loops
4. Mounting Hardware : Pack of 10 pcs of M6 Cage nut with washer head screws
5. Wall Mount / Pole Mount Bracket



Ecomindia has extensive capabilities for pre-assembly. Accessories can for instance be fitted in our racks in advance, enabling you to save on the installation costs. Ecomindia can also install its integrated solutions for you on site. We are a manufacturer with an extensive network of service partners who can provide you with support during the purchasing process.



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